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In 2008, only 5% of cell phones came equipped with Bluetooth technology. Flash forward to today, and you'll discover that 95% of mobile phones sold today are Bluetooth enabled! Bluetooth has changed the way that people answer and talk on the phone. When your hands are free, you're able to do more while you chat with friends or conduct business. It's a technology that we often take for granted, until the unexpected happens—when our beloved Bluetooth headset breaks. It's only then that we think about buying a case for Bluetooth headsets!

Every year, thousands of happy Bluetooth owners end up having to repair or replace their headsets because they were dropped and broken. Backpacks and handbags are culprits, too, as the headsets get banged up while in motion or are smashed by other items. Water damage will ruin your headset, rendering it completely unusable. By the time the damage is discovered, it's usually too late to save it. Replacement costs add up quickly, and your time is wasted waiting for a new one to arrive. Fortunately, this kind of damage is 100% preventable when you use a Bluetooth headset carrying case. Buying a Blue tooth case for your headset guarantees that it will be protected from common dangers by increasing its durability and portability. Over 30% of Bluetooth users switch their headsets on and off throughout the day, leaving a lot of downtime when your headset could get damaged. Protect your investment with a Bluetooth headset carrying case!

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